IT outsourcing. Comprehensive services, professional execution

Thanks to an extensive, modern IT infrastructure we are able to take over all responsibilities related to IT services of large businesses.

We are one of the first companies in Poland, which offered IT outsourcing. We have unrivalled experience, we understand the needs and expectations of our Customers. We offer diverse service packages, tailored to individual Customer needs. For every application we answer up to three hours – even on Sundays and holidays. If the failure cannot be removed during the day, we provide replacement equipment.



  • Computer Systems Administration: management and services of domains, the matrix configuration, data archiving, security checks, continuity of operation systems, server virtualization, and more.
  • User support, even in emergency situations: teaching of software support, installation of the new components and programs, assistance in case of failure of software or hardware, and more.
  • • Supervision under software and hardware: preparation of workstations, assembly of components, cleaning of equipment, modernization, virtualization of computers and others.



  • Saving by avoiding the obligation to create from the ground the internal IT structures.
  • Professional services and support that enable seamless, uninterrupted operation of systems.
  • Transfer of responsibility for the operation of systems for reliable and experienced partner.
  • Permanent access to the latest solutions and frequently updating software.
  • Protection against failures and attacks.
  • Ability to implement custom solutions.



A collaboration agreement is based on a Service Level Agreement, which is a document defining the limits of liability of the transferee service, and at the same time indicating the boundaries of minimum availability of services accepted by the Customer. Please contact us to discuss detailed terms of cooperation.