Software for Business

We provide modern software for companies, enabling efficient operation and control of the activities of employees. We support the purchase and implementation stage of the application.


  • Microsoft operating systems for workstations
  • Several applications to support business, including Sage Symfonia.
  • Microsoft operating systems for servers
  • Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server, Sharepoint Server and other server software
  • Antivirus Software of ESET and F-Secure – in versions for workstations and servers, also with agents supporting server software: file servers, e-mail, etc.
  • Software for backing up of CA and Symantec.


  • The best application software and tools for companies, available in different languages and affordable prices.
  • Assistance in selecting the right product and package in which it is offered.
  • Assistance in selecting the product version tailored to the needs of the company and hardware capabilities.
  • Assistance in selecting the appropriate licensing method.
  • Assistance in installation, configuration and implementation of software.
  • Helping to ensure the stable operation of the software application.
  • Software protection against external factors.
  • The possibility of conducting a training on the purchased software.


We provide only these application software and tools, which quality is proven by JTC specialists. We supply selected products or we analyze Customer needs and advise in the selection of the software. We support the implementation of the software, as well as we offer the service.
Please contact us for full offer and to discuss opportunities for cooperation.